Taylor Support Staff

Denise Anderson

Speech Associate-McKee and Taylor

P: 515-242-8213 | E: denise.anderson@dmschools.org

Charlene Beattie

Family Engagement Facilitator-Taylor

P: 515-323-8661 | E: charlene.beattie@dmschools.org

Jennifer Cooley

Office Clerk-Taylor

P: 515-323-8600 | E: jennifer.cooley@dmschools.org

Alma Haines

Head Start Spanish Interpreter-Welcome Center

P: 515-242-7975 | E: alma.haines@dmschools.org

Jodi Harrell

Early Childhood Social Worker-Taylor

P: 515-323-8662 | E: jodi.harrell@dmschools.org


Hi, my name is Jodi Harrell, and I am beginning my 5th school year with Des Moines Public Schools! I enjoy being part of the Early Childhood Department where I serve as an Early Childhood Social Worker and Mental Health Consultant. I graduated from Grandview University for my undergraduate degree and the University of Iowa for my master's degree. I have also been trained in Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and I often consult on how to implement PCIT principles in the preschool classroom as well as in the home. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my step-granddaughter, friends, and family; and I love to travel whenever I can.

Alison Mason

Early Childhood Enrollment-Welcome Center

P: 515-242-7588 | E: alison.mason@dmschools.org

Kristi Moreno

Behavior Support Teacher-Taylor

P: 515-323-8600 | E: kristi.moreno@dmschools.org

Juli Reeves

Early Childhood Nurse-Taylor

P: 515-323-8600 | E: juli.reeves@dmschools.org

Janet Riggle

Early Childhood Enrollment-Welcome Center

P: 515-242-7588 | E: janet.riggle@dmschools.org

Melissa Sambu

Instructional Coach-Taylor and Woodlawn

P: 515-323-8600 or 515-242-8213 | E: melissa.sambu@dmschools.org


My name is Melissa Sambu and I am an Instructional Coach for Early Childhood. I have worked for Des Moines Public Schools for 9 years. During that time, I have taught preschool, been a Literacy Coach, and an Instructional Coach. Prior to coming to Des Moines, I taught kindergarten for 2 years. I look forward to working with teachers, children, and families to make it a great and successful year!

Melissa Stewart

ECSE Consultant-McKee and Taylor

P: 515-242-8434 | E: melissa.stewart@dmschools.org

Brandon Stumberg

Speech-Language Pathologist-Taylor

P: 515-323-8600 | E: brandon.stumberg@dmschools.org

Angela Zugg

ECSE Social Worker-McKee and Taylor

P: 515-242-8434 or 515-323-8600 | E: angela.zugg@dmschools.org