PACT time!

PACT time learning

PACT time learning

Calling all parents!

Remember, you are invited to Parent and Child Together Time (PACT time) once a week in your child’s classroom.

Check with your child’s teacher to find out the day and time of PACT time for his or her classroom. Parent and Child Together time is a weekly chance to join your child for some fun one-on-one learning activities.

PACT time is also a great way for you to:

  • have some fun with your child.
  • find out what’s happening in your child’s classroom.
  • pick up a PACT time tip sheet with some easy ideas to help your child play and learn at home.
  • help you child get ready for kindergarten.

PACT time tips provide you with tips for the best kind of “homework” for your preschooler. Research shows that:

  • Preschoolers learn by playing.
  • Preschoolers learn by talking.
  • Preschoolers learn by helping with everyday activities.
  • Preschoolers learn when they have access to books, and a grown-up reads with them everyday.
  • Preschoolers learn best when parents and teachers work together.
PACT bedtime 2019 2

Parents and children make visual bedtime routines.

Listening PACT time

Children and parents play a listening game together.

I take care PACT 3

Parent and child play in a center together.

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