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McKeeParking at McKee

The front entrance is on the east side of the building, on East 39th Court. The parking lot is one-way, please enter the north driveway and exit by the south driveway. Please turn right when you exit the parking lot and travel south on East 39th Court.

Bus Loading

Most bus loading and unloading takes place on the west side of the building, please do not park in the bus loading zone. Two buses load and unload in the parking lot to the east of the building, as they need access to the handicap entrance. We ask for your patience as these buses may block traffic for a few minutes during loading and unloading.

Sidewalk Safety

Please be sure your child stays with you when entering and exiting the building. There is so much traffic and our students can’t be seen when moving between cars. Please talk with your child about staying with you and hold his or her hand if necessary, to help keep them safe.

Children in Cars

Please do not leave children unattended in your car while walking with your preschooler in and out of McKee–not even for a minute. It is not safe.