Woodlawn Support Staff

Crystal Abbe

Family Engagement Facilitator-Woodlawn

P: 515-242-8424 | E: crystal.abbe@dmschools.org

Michelle Ash

Behavior Support Teacher-McKee and Woodlawn

P: 515-323-8655 | E: michelle.ash@dmschools.org

Joanna Braucht

Speech Associate-McKee and Woodlawn

P: 515-242-8434 or 242-8213 | E: joanna.braucht@dmschools.org


I am a Speech-Language Pathology Associate at Woodlawn and McKee Education Centers. I just received my Bachelor's in Communication Disorders and Sciences from Utah State University. Next, I am headed to graduate school to get my Master's in Speech-Language Pathology. I have two children, Eden who is 4, and Sawyer who is 1 year. I enjoy cooking, gardening, and spending time with my friends and family.

Cheryl Cameron

Early Childhood Nurse-Woodlawn

P: 515-242-8213 | E: cheryl.cameron@dmschools.org

Laura Corkrean

Early Childhood Social Worker-Woodlawn

P: 515-242-7783 | E: laura.corkrean@dmschools.org

Denise Etter


P: 515-242-8213 | E: denise.etter@dmschools.org

Alma Haines

Head Start Spanish Interpreter-Welcome Center

P: 515-242-7975 | E: alma.haines@dmschools.org

Debra Huffman

ECSE Interventionist

P: 515-242-8213 | E: debra.huffman@dmschools.org

Meghan Kobes

Speech-Language Pathologist-Woodlawn

P: 515-242-8213 | E: meghan.kobes@dmschools.org


Hello! My name is Meghan Kobes. I am the speech language pathologist at Woodlawn. I am a graduate of the University of Iowa and received my Master's degree from Marquette University. This is my 7th year working as a speech pathologist. I have been working with the early childhood population for 5 years. As a speech language pathologist, I have the opportunity to work with many children and their families. I enjoy working with the preschoolers as they begin a new adventure in their lives.

Donna Kunkel

Speech Associate-Mitchell and Woodlawn

P: 515-242-8424 | E: donna.kunkel@dmschools.org


My name is Donna Kunkel, and I am the associate in your child's classroom. I have been employed at Mitchell since 2015 and with the Des Moines Public Schools since 2012. My education includes a BA from both UNI and Upper Iowa University. I have two children of my own, and enjoy working with youth at the YMCA. I love helping kids learn and watching them have fun!

Emily Loy

ECSE Social Worker

P: 515-242-8213 | E: emily.loy@dmschools.org

Alison Mason

Early Childhood Enrollment-Welcome Center

P: 515-242-7588 | E: alison.mason@dmschools.org

Pam Nielsen

Office Manager-Woodlawn

P: 515-242-8213 | E: pamela.nielsen@dmschools.org

Beth Pattschull

ECSE Consultant-Woodlawn

P: 515-242-8213 | E: beth.pattschull@dmschools.org


Hi, my name is Beth Pattschull and I am one of the Early Childhood Special Education consultants. I have been working in Early Childhood Special Education with Des Moines Public schools since 2002. I enjoy working with this age group and seeing the excitement that learning brings each day. I feel passionate about providing children with experiences to build the foundation for later school success. I am married with two children.

Janet Riggle

Early Childhood Enrollment-Welcome Center

P: 515-242-7588 | E: janet.riggle@dmschools.org

Melissa Sambu

Instructional Coach-Taylor and Woodlawn

P: 515-323-8667 or 515-242-8213 | E: melissa.sambu@dmschools.org


My name is Melissa Sambu and I am an Instructional Coach for Early Childhood. I have worked for Des Moines Public Schools for 9 years. During that time, I have taught preschool, been a Literacy Coach, and an Instructional Coach. Prior to coming to Des Moines, I taught kindergarten for 2 years. I look forward to working with teachers, children, and families to make it a great and successful year!

Ann Stewart

Office Manager-Woodlawn

P: 515-242-8213 | E: ann.stewart@dmschools.org