McKee Support Staff

Anne Fessler

Speech Pathologist-McKee

P: 515-242-8434 | E:

Alma Haines

Head Start Spanish Interpreter-Welcome Center

P: 515-242-7975 | E:

Colleen Jeffrey

Family Engagement Facilitator-McKee

P: 515-242-8434 | E:

Jenny Moore

Early Childhood Social Worker-McKee

P: 515-242-8434 | E:

Kristi Moreno

Behavior Support Teacher-Taylor and McKee

P: 515-323-8600 | E:

Chris Morphew

Early Childhood Nurse-McKee

P: 515-242-8434 | E:

Jessica Parsons

Instructional Coach-McKee and Mitchell

P: 515-242-8434 or 515-242-8424 | E:


Hello. My name is Jessica Parsons, and I am a TLC Instructional Coach.  I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Northern Iowa and have my Master's in Educational Administration from Iowa State University. I have been working in early childhood for 14 years and absolutely love working with preschool students and their families. I hope you are eager for the wonderful experiences your child will have in preschool and for the growth you will see them make throughout the year. As an instructional coach, I have the opportunity to visit many classrooms and meet many students and families. If you see me at your child's school please say hello. I look forward to working with you this school year!

Janet Riggle

Early Childhood Enrollment-Welcome Center

P: 515-242-7588 | E:

Melissa Stewart

ECSE Consultant-McKee and Taylor

P: 515-242-8434 | E:

Mary Beth West


P: 515-242-8434 | E:

Angela Zugg

ECSE Social Worker-McKee and Taylor

P: 515-242-8434 or 515-323-8600 | E: